Friday, June 19, 2009




This cult of "Jews" are nothing but Europeans. They have no different blood than the rest of us. The only difference between us is they have been brainwashed into believe they (Aryan Europeans) are "the real Israelites".



 Author Riggs on the bottom right

One of the "Jews" was the same as our 5 star generals in the nazi Army. When the problem of being "Jews" came up, they were not booted out as in one account here. They were in the nazi army until the end of the war. In one segment of this program, they told how those of "Jewish" heritage only needed to apply for an exempt status.. In this joke Hitler was in on it. They would simply sign up for an exempt status and after it was processed this status would exempt them from "being Jews". It really makes one giggle until their belly hurts.


They told how one nazi Jew got 3 medals.. probably deserved it for killing a bunch of American and British soldiers, I guess ? They also reported after the war, these nazi "Jews" chose to stay in Germany ... their homeland instead of going to Palestine to rob and murder those poor people. 


The only thing different in the cult calling themselves Jews and the rest of the Europeans is that they have been sucked into a cult and have been brainwashed beyond common sense.


 Hmmm I wonder how many of those "Jews" in the synagogues are the children / grandchildren of the nazi soldiers. On other the History channel, one of the topics I have made note of is about the German soldiers and the


"Jewish" women that they took to the sack. I suppose any of the women that were not real ugly in the prison camps were quite handy to the nazis. If they were lucky maybe even a Jew nazi took them to bed in the prison camps?

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