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Below is one proud little "Jewish" family having their picture taken of their little nazi son in his nazi uniform? Decorated veterans and high-ranking officers, even generals and admirals... good little nazi "Jews".


"The revelation that Germans of Jewish blood served Hitler must come as a profound shock." I don't know about a shock but it sure is a crock. There is NO such thing as German blood. Even Hitler was not a native born German. The Germans were just a composite of the people of Europe, Russians, Dutch... in some WW2 films I have seen where the British Royal family was married into the Germans.


Living in Germany did not give them any kind of blood and there is NO such thing as Jewish blood. These cult members are just ordinary Europeans from the same ancestors and who were marrying each other as far back as recorded history.


In older things I have read, the numbers of nazi "Jews" were not great, but as people keep on looking into this, the numbers keep on multiplying. Here they said there were tens of thousands of "Jews" in the nazi Army.. If you have looked at the study on family trees, you know how people are linked together with thousands of others through our grandparents. If they look, the problem will be trying to find out which of the nazi soldiers was not related.


Bryan Mark Rigg is the author of this book "Hitler's Jewish soldiers". I know he is a lot better writer than I. It would be worth reading if you read more than web pages. "he has served as a volunteer in the Israeli Army... Ooops


"Rigg ran across records indicating that his mother's family tree included" Like Duh, anyone who as examined the family tree studies can project that almost every European can track their heritage to  "Jews", Italians, Germans, French ... a whole pot luck of people. We are all linked together through our ancestors... and each of us have had millions of grandparents who we can NEVER begin to know about.


IF the bible is false there is no such thing as a Jew or an Israelite. If the bible is true, by the bible we can prove every Israelite was a composite of Ammorites, Hittites, Iraqis, Philistines, Syrians, Cananites, Jebusites, Havites, Moabites, Midianites, Egyptians... Asians.

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