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NUREMBERG LAWS enacted by Germany on September 15, 1935 clarified racial policy and removing Jewish influences from Aryan society.

In September 1935 outlined new laws for the protection of German blood and honor.

These laws would "regulate the problems of marriage between 'Aryans' and 'non-Aryans.'"

On September 15, 1935, deprived Jews of citizenship.

Prohibited Jewish households from having German maids under the age of 45

Prohibited any non-Jewish German from marrying a Jew

Outlawed sexual relations between Jews and Germans.

The Nuremberg Laws issued on September 15, 1935 prohibited marriages between Jews and Germans but failed to specify who counted as a Jew

CENTURIES of German-Jewish assimilation made this a difficult question to answer.

Hitler wavered between declaring half-Jews the same as Jews or keeping them separate as half-Jews. Many issues about Mishling (partial Jews) and intermarriage were discussed.

He wanted to equate all half-, quarter-, and even one-eighth-Jews with full Jews. Such extremists argued that partial Jews were more dangerous than full Jews because their mix of German blood would enable them to lead the state's enemies with the skill of Aryans.

Dr. Achim Gercke wrote that Mishling could really be disguised Jews. Anyone who mathematically defined "50 percent, 25 percent, 12.5 percent, 6.25 percent, etc., Mishling" had not understood Mendel's laws of genetics.

And being the good politician that he was, Hitler probably did not declare half-Jews as Jews because he did not want to alienate the Aryan families of Mishling too much.

The Nazis not only persecuted
people of Jewish descent, but Aryan Germans with Jewish spouses as well. Stuckart in the RMI argued that anyone who married a Jew was an inferior German. Any children born to such parents did not deserve any better treatment than Jews.
Loesener argued that since most felt German and rejected Judaism, their suicide rate would climb dramatically if the government labeled them as Jews.

Loesener said if they treated half-Jews as Jews, the armed forces would probably lose 45,000 soldiers

After the war, Loesener explained his reasoning: "One could no more achieve any movement on the Jewish question in the narrow sense, i.e., the full-Jews, than one could move a mountain.

On November 14, 1935, the RMI issued a supplement to the Nuremberg Laws of September 15, 1935, which created the racial categories of German, Jew,

* half-Jew (Jewish Mishling first degree)

* quarter-Jew (Jewish Mishling second degree)

* Full Jews had three to four Jewish grandparents.

* Half-Jews had two Jewish grandparents

* quarter-Jews had one Jewish grandparent.

* When a Mishling belonged to the Jewish religion was a full Jew

* A Mishling married to a Jew was a full Jew

The Nazis had to resort to religious criteria to define these racial categories, ultimately determined by birth, baptismal, marriage, and death certificates. Often stored in churches and courthouses, these records indicated what religion they belonged to.

Jews could only marry Jews or half-Jews

Half-Jews could only marry Jews or other half-Jews.

Quarter-Jews could only marry Aryans.

Marriages between a Jew and an Aryan that had occurred before 1935 were called "privileged mixed marriages" and provided some protection for the Jewish spouse.

Most Jews who survived the Holocaust in Germany were married to non-Jews

In some cases, if Hitler approved, the Mishling was allowed to call himself or herself an Aryan.


After the Nazis got done with their Mishling laws, the 'Jews' in Israel used the same principal in reverse.

The law was first passed in 1950... a Jew was defined as being the child of a Jewish mother,

In 1970, another Supreme Court decision .. was passed, this time allowing the spouses and children of Jews to enter Israel under the Law of Return, and said, a person could become a citizen of Israel if one grandparent was a Jew. (This is called the "grandparent" clause, and is very controversial.)

The 'Jews' in "Israel" are using racial laws to determine who can enter into Israel... Nazis in reverse, and of course they could no more track their ancestors than the Nazis could.

Look to America and see what a crock pot of mixed roots we have became in a mere 500 years.

The Europeans were marrying and / or impregnating each other for 2000 years. By the time 1935 came along (when 'Jew' marriages were forbidden), the Germans (all Europeans) were already a big crock pot of mix and match.

The idea of Germans forgetting about the mega mix before 1935 is laughable. Those "Aryans" had a chance of being of the same ancestors as the 'Jews' who had no evidence of being descendants of Europeans.

Mishling.. part ..

A Chinese produces a child with an African and create a son.. Sonny

A German produces a child with a Polynesian and create ... Susie

Sony and Susie produce a child ... Mutley

Mutley is a descendant of Africans, Chinese, Germans and Polynesians.

No matter how many generations go on, no one can change the fact they are a composite of every ancestor they ever had.

There was no such thing as an Aryan race. Germans were but a composite of all Europeans who invaded the lands for centuries. Hitler himself was not a native of Germany.

"Jews" claiming to be descendants of the Israelites.. The Israelites were "Mishlings"

Abraham/Sarah .. Chaldeans or ancient Iraqis

The wives of 11 of the princes of Israel, Canaanites

The wives of Joseph, an Egyptian, Asenath

The wives of all the grand children of Israel were Egyptians (there were 52 grandsons and 1 grand daughter of Israel who entered Egypt), who were the wives of the 52 grandsons.

The only 1 grand daughter of Israel that entered into Egypt was the daughter of a Syrian hand maid.

When the Israelites left Egypt, they killed and kept 32,000 Midianite (Saudi Arabian) virgins for themselves.

As soon as they crossed the Jordan, they swapped sons and daughters with all the Asian tribes of the land (Judges)

The Israelites were Mishlings to the nth degree.

There is no such thing as being part Israelite. Israelite, descendant of the man Israel. One either is or is not an Israelite (as well as Egyptian, Hittite, Havite, Ammorite, Canaanite, Philistine.. the whole smear of Asians identified as contributors to the Israelite clan)

The 'Jews' were no more Mishlings than the rest of the Germans who had been mingling with them for 2000 years... and none of these Europeans has a shred of evidence to prove they are part Israelite.

If the Germans would have removed all 'Jews' they were related to there would have been no Germans.

As for any 'Jew' female who made it out of the camps alive, If they were not protected by the ugly stick, what would keep the Nazis from having their way .. and the surviving women may have carried something in their tummy when they were freed from their camps ( I'll say the wabbi done it)

The stories they like to leave out of Shindler's list is how the 'Jew' workers sent their daughters to his quarters. They say Shindler loved the teen age Jewish girls.

Even after they created the laws to weed out the 'Jews' the Germans never stopped marrying or going to the sack with 'Jews'

Edith Hahn, The Nazi Officer's Wife. Book and film based on this 'Jew' who married a Nazi officer.
This is only one in hundreds of thousands of such marriages through the centuries. It does not even consider all children produced by 'Jew'/German prostution, rape or adultery.

European 'Jews' are nothing other than Europeans who share the same ancestors with the Druids. It is only their politics/brainwashing that separated them from other Europeans.

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