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As far as being descendants of the Israelites... when someone " finds out their ancestors were Jewish", the only thing they have found out is they had ancestors in a cult claiming to be descendants of the Israelites when they had NO possible evidence.. They might be Lemmings by heritage, but they are not Jewish by heritage.


As I said you can't tell a "Jew" from any other German, Russian or European because that is all that cult is. Look at the picture below and determine for yourself which one of these guys are supposed to be Jews.

















Here are some more proud little "Jews" goose stepping in the nazi army. You can't tell any "Jew" from any other European because that is all they were / are ... a racist cult of Europeans claiming to be "the real Israelites". (Mischlinge part Jew? ). If being a Jew is following the religion of the Israelites, there is not one Jew on earth. If being a Jew is being a physical descendant of the Israelites, there can be no part Jew and anyone who claims they can track their ancestors to the Israelites is one idiot or bald face liar.


The rest of the Germans / nazis shared the same ancestors of the cult of false Jews.  All "Jews" were common Europeans who had been sucked into a cult of brainwashed idiots.


How many nazi Jews... The author writing the book on Jews in the nazi army, found out his mother was a descendant of these calling themselves Jews... ONLY AFTER RESEARCHING SOME FAMILY HISTORY.


Puffing themselves up by association

When people become important, note how the Blight cult adds them to their famous Jews list. Madam not-so-bright, Evils, Einstein. ( of course Einstein was an atheist so if he was right there could be no such thing as a Jew )
It is like becoming a member in the Mormon church, once you are in, they find links to your ancestors you never had any idea of.

In this guy's book he found about 150,000 "Jews" in the nazi army.

When they were drafting them in the army

* No one was doing any family tree search
* Those Germans who had any knowledge of the false Jew cult members of their family trees kept their shame concealed.


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